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Electrification of Emuhun Village in Edo State, Nigeria, Using Renewable Energy Mix

Engineer. Eur Ing. Dr. Robinson Ehiorobo(PhD, MSc, MCGI, GCGI, MBA, CEng, MNSE, MIET, MIEEE, MSAIEE, FIMC, FNATE) is one of the Directors and activist of Havilahtrend International Limited (HTIL). He can be described as aficionado and a tycoon in the field of Electrical Engineering. Dr. Robinson Ehiorobo had started many companies from scratch and nurtured them to success. Example, “Ehiorobo Technological services”; and “Jamrie Technical Services”.

He is an experienced application engineering partisan for the past thirty (36) years in electrical engineering, in utilities and protective relaying systems. His industrial experience began in electrical installations in 1977 in Benin City Edo state, Nigeria.

He is a registered COREN member and a Chartered Engineer in UK and also Europe Engineer registered in addition acquires the Master-ship Certificate (MCGI) of City and Guild of London Institute, this is a parallel Master Degree in Electrical Engineering. He is a FELLOW Nigerian Association of Technologist in Engineering. Active member of Nigerian Society of Engineers and Nigerian Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers.

Engr. Eur Ing. Dr. Robinson Ehiorobo obtained his Ph.D. degree on general management from St. Clement University. He is also doing another Doctorate degree from Atlantic International University USA in Renewable Energy. Upon completion he will be lumber or endorse with TWO Doctorate Degree one in Engineering and another in Management. He has a parallel first degree in Electrical Engineering from UK; additionally, he has a post graduate diploma and master’s degree in business administration from University of Calabar, and MSc degree (Cpd) in Electrical Power System from University of Bath UK, and similarly has obtained certificate of Competence from Aston University UK, he is a member of various professional bodies. He works as a Marketing/Workshop Engineer with Lugaco Nigeria Limited in Kaduna until 1993 with responsibility for the planning and design of industrial control panel systems. Since then his main interests has been power systems planning, fault and power quality analysis, a pioneer of colossal saves on PHCN tariff using power factor correction principles and also applicable in Generator for large industry, meddling problems and connection of solar energy sources to power systems. He seems to be the first to design a commercial building in Benin City Edo State Nigeria with Roof Top Solar Panel Power Generation, on completion with 16KVA load maximum demand during officer hour, fulfilling energy saving and drastic reduction on CO2 Emissions concept and lighting load demand put at 600W FOR A 3 FLOOR office building instead of 4.5KW CONVENTIONAL LOAD DEMAND.

A far-sighted for education, he has obtained several professional certificates from four out of the five continent of the world; United Kingdom(Faraday training centre, Schneider Electric and Areva T&D), Switzerland(ABB, NEPLAN), Finland(ABB), Sweden(ABB), Spain (Circutor), France (AEES), (SMC) Turkey (ABB), Austria (Siemens), Italy (ABB), Germany (Siemens), South Africa (IDC), SAIEE and Schneider Electric India (New India Electricals Limited), United State of America SKM and AVO (Megger) and Nigeria. He has in the past twenty (25) years held responsible positions in various reputable corporate organizations. ABBNG Limited rose to the level of Deputy General Manager; Factory manager with Shoreline Power Company Limited one of the leading indigenous manufacturing company of medium and low voltage panels.

His unvarying craving for knowledge diffusion has in view to publish soon different engineering text books in low and medium voltage application.

The implication of ADEQUATE MOTIVATION on workers’ productivity in an organization.

Electrification of Emuhun Village in Edo State, Nigeria is a domicile of the application of renewable energy.

A generic ideology of the principles of renewable energy is demystified with root emphasis based on solar photovoltaic method for the provision of water and electrification for rural dwellers.

Author Engr. Eur Ing Dr Robinson’s three-decade working experience on electricity, couples with several additional educational updating, necessitated his opinion to better his homeland with free benefits of his scientific capability.

The reader in the higher institution will find the book very useful for supporting their educational upbringing. Most importantly, the application technician or engineer will find the book very useful for practical challenges for design and implementation rationale.

The project is replicable with full understanding of the principle of simple design calculations included in the book.

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