Electrification of Emuhun Village in Edo State, Nigeria, Using Renewable Energy Mix.

Electrification of Emuhun Village in Edo State, Nigeria is a domicile of the application of renewable energy.

A generic ideology of the principles of renewable energy is demystified with root emphasis based on solar photovoltaic method for the provision of water and electrification for rural dwellers.

Author Engr. Eur Ing Dr Robinson’s three-decade working experience on
electricity, couples with several additional educational updating, necessitated his opinion to better his homeland with free benefits of his
scientific capability.
The reader in the higher institution will find the book very useful for supporting their educational upbringing. Most importantly, the application technician or engineer will find the book very useful for practical challenges for design and implementation rationale.

The project is replicable with full understanding of the principle of simple design calculations included in the book.




The implication of ADEQUATE MOTIVATION on workers’ productivity in an organization.
– Amazing results of staff motivational implications: The consequences of motivating staff and benefits.

The implication of adequate motivation on worker’s productivity in an organization is the result of the author’s thirty years of experience of managing staff in all levels of application in engineering and management. The book examines the implication of staff productivity in an organization, especially in the Nigeria workplace and issues involved in the designing and promoting of such programs.

The result has provided a conceptual framework upon which motivational programs in the Nigerian workplace are based, as well as the type of activities and skills that are involved. The rationale is on such programs that will help employees deal with personal problems that might affect their productivity. The book covers the fundamentals rudiment of the employee motivational process and the appropriate steps needed to successfully implement the findings.

This book also addresses the values and culture of the Nigerianization norms that may affect the success of implementation of the solution suggested in the book.


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